"To see a man beaten not by a better opponent but by himself is a tragedy."

Cus D'Amato

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You can read this in two ways. Either Cus is talking about not overcoming one’s inner obstacles in order to win the outer fight or something more transcendent? Lets assume it’s the later. In this respect, the inner fight may have no real connection to the outer one at all.

The outer fight, may have then been, always about refusing to look at the real cause of the inner fight that rages inside (and refuses to go away). The outer fight is a trickster, keeping you distracted from what is really going on inside. When the fight is outside of you, with an opponent to beat – then you can always come up with an excuse for the actions you take. In other words, it can always be something or someone elses fault for where you find yourself now (especially if you lose).

When you realize you have never been fighting anyone else but yourself, and through acceptance thereof, and with compassion for oneself, you begin to heal. You no longer need external battles to win in order to make yourself feel better about your shadows. You now know your shadows intimately, and rather than running from them, or by distracting yourself with external things, you realize for the first time, that all shadows hold the seeds to personal mastery, and transformation.

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