Rise Above The Typecast & Taking Off The Mask of Self Violence

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Actors know all two well that there is a danger in being typecast. They know that there’s a risk in repeatedly finding themselves acting in the same types of roles over and over. When they then want to appear in a different role, both casting directors, and the public at large, may not enjoy seeing them in any other kind …


Thought Piece: Two Paths, Two Choices in Martial Arts

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It’s true that to a large extent, we are all, as human beings, shaped by our history — personal, cultural, and evolutionary. This then informs how we engage with both the practice and experience of martial arts. In short, each of us carries both our ancestors, and our own primal nature, within us at all times. It will by it’s …


I No Longer Want To Do Martial Arts Simply to Fight!

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I have always been keenly interested in inner mastery. Much of this interest stems from my childhood. Growing up on the tough, mean streets on the South Side of Johannesburg in government housing (similar to the Projects in the USA) I had to dodge the neighbourhood gangs, and school yard bullies daily. Added to this, I grew up never knowing …