The Embodied-Warrior Method

The Embodied-Warrior Method

A Practical Toolbox to Help You Prepare For The Martial Arts of Everyday Life!

The Embodied Warrior Method Will Give You The Tools To:

Improve your bodies capacity to deal with stress more effectively

Equip you with the steps to invoke FLOW in all areas of your life

Show you how to rise to life's challenges and overcome them

Master an 'embodied' approach to mindfulness, so that you can purposefully choose to become fully attuned to the present moment with clarity, composure and calmness especially in a difficult situations

Hello…I am ‘Coach’ Rodney King!

I want to propose a radical approach to personal mastery. It’s the exact same method I used to save myself from homelessness at 17, build a successful organization and prove all my teachers wrong by earning my PhD.

You see, what I have learned is that to achieve lasting success you need to allow setbacks, suffering and failures to mold your inner warrior. The only way to do this is to have a training platform that encourages you to emerge stronger because of failing, that pushes you to engage with your inner most fears, and that tempers your tenacity to use your setbacks as fuel to rise to the top. I have developed a practical toolbox that will help you do just that!

Combining my four decades of martial arts practice and coaching, with key warrior philosophical insights, along with my several years of research into the role of ’embodied’ mindfulness in peak human performance – I have designed an immersive program to enable you to discover your full potential.

“Rodney, you made me feel more comfortable within myself, more disciplined. Thank you for coaching me and training me, not only physically but mentally. I’ve become more centred in every aspect of my life. Day by day I say goodbye to the fearful and anxious person I once was. I am so grateful and excited to continue on this journey.”

Anji Woodley – Actress

“I loved how Rodney King weaved his life story, and together with his martial art practice, was able to succeed and win at the martial arts of everyday life.”

– Naveen Jain, Billionaire Entrepreneur
& Founder: Moon Ex

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