Where Martial Performance Merges With the Art of Personal Mastery

Who would have thought I would go from sleeping on a park bench at age 17, with only $20 in my pocket — to one day becoming a world renowned modern martial artist, super successful entrepreneur and author?


But that’s exactly what I did. By applying the inner game lessons I taught myself as a martial artist on the mat, I was able to take on the martial arts of everyday life more skilfully and win.

Sadly today I see far to many people focusing on the martial, the physical aspect of fighting — with little or no attention to the art, or the inner game. While I learned how to fight, and that skill is of course useful — it wasn’t the fighting that enabled me to become successful. Rather how I taught myself to overcome my inner opponent on the mat, is what enabled me to achieve success.

NB: I can’t promise how long this program will be donations only, so if you want to explore modern martial arts as a tool for personal transformation and mastery – now is the time to join!

But I Need Your Support…

Embodied-Warrior is currently just An Idea, A Dream. In the initial stages it will be reliant on donations to to keep it active. As much as I would like to do this for FREE, it simply not possible as it will take time, resources and work to bring the material to you our members. In other words, I have to free up time from paying gigs, that fund my existence on this planet in order to make this idea happen. By supporting this project (which you can cancel at anytime) you will helping break new ground in exploring modern martial arts as more than just about learning how to fight, and rather as a tool for personal mastery. Once I have enough interest I will send out details on how to donate to this project. What you donate will be up to you, but it will start at as little as $10 a month.

In Project Embodied Warrior I want to share my personal insights into the inner game lessons I have successfully used to succeed in my martial arts game (yes, I am certain what you will learn will make you a better MARTIAL artist), but equally how these lessons supercharged my life and career. More importantly, I see this Project as an opportunity to engage with people who feel the same way as I do — that view both the experience of martial arts and training in it — far more than just about learning how to fight.

How To Join Project Embodied-Warrior?


Fill in the application form below and head over to Patreon and make a monthly donation. Once you have done that, applications are normally processed within 24 hours.


Once your application is approved, you will be sent instructions on how to access the Project Embodied Warrior secret Facebook Group.


You will be added to the Project Embdodied-Warrior list, where you will recieve exclusive content from me (Rodney). In time and with enough support I hope to create an exclusice podcast too.

Things I Plan On Doing in Project Embodied-Warrior

  • Connector.

    Explore Themes in My Books in A Deep Way!

    If you have read some of my books (or even if you haven’t) I want to explore the themes I cover in more depth, specifically as it relates to your martial art game performance.

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    Sustained Meaningful Conversations

    Not sure about you, but I am craving meaningful conversations when it comes to martial arts – not just about how to ‘better’ kick someones ass.

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    There are tons of podcasts out of there, most of them are meaningless. I want to create a podcast that actually teaches you something you can apply on the mat or in life. It will be a members only access podcast.